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Look what this Kat dragged in!

Kat Erangey is the founder of Look What This Kat Dragged In, a premier casting company that provides superior casting services for major network and cable television for all genres including variety, reality, game shows, daytime talk, and scripted series. She has earned the reputation as the hardest working Supervising Casting Director in the business, assembling teams of incredible casting minds to meet or exceed casting expectations. 

Kat has been an integral part of casting some of the most iconic shows on television – American Idol, America’s Got Talent, Little Big Shots, and So You Think You Can Dance, to name a few. She has an international Rolodex of thousands of artists, managers, coaches, and contacts committed to memory. She's also known for discovering Emmy nominees and major stars in television, film, print, and social media.

What they say about Kat

“I have worked with Kat on several projects and whether it is for a development sizzle, or an entire network cast, Kat gives the job 110% and continues to pitch surprising, innovative talent from across the nation.  Her grasp of the unscripted genre is un-matched as is her database.”


Samantha Hanks | Magical Elves
Senior Vice President of Casting


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